Thankfully, “Roar” does not disappoint, as Katy Perry not only serves up some top-shelf, Jane of the Jungle realness, but clues us in to some must-know wilderness survival tips! There are many tips to help you create fire, a few tips for filtering water and some on fauna that can help with diarrhea or constipation. All in all a lot of great tips for surviving in the wilderness till you can be found or find your way out.

I wanted to become more self-sufficient, acquire some useful knowledge that one day might actually save my life, or someone else’s.  I would manage to survive thanks to some of  the 50+ survival tips.
Take a few minutes and watch the how to 50+ survival tip video, and see if you have enough skills to survive if you needed to. Many of us have lost the basic survival skills our ancestors used and knew to survive or these skills were a way of life.

Disaster survival kit contents
Fire evacuation route template
Help with colorado flooding


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