Additionally, the evaluation Web site provides all faculty with identical copies of surveys and evaluation report forms, preventing the use of old survey forms or inconsistent use of forms. Creation and distribution of a step-by-step pictorial helps faculty learn how to access the items within the course site. Additional Web course sites in the e-Enterprise system are created for conducting online evaluation surveys.
The e-Enterprise program evaluation committee site within the larger, overall College of Nursing Web course site has improved communication within and across programs, as well as across campuses. Ultimately, we are confident the platform offers a way to streamline the process of program evaluation.
Lots of articles out there online learning course evaluation questions on how to build one particular and I invite other with the.

Figure 15 shows the use of the discussion board icon (the ninth icon in the left column) for course evaluation. The marriage of an e-Enterprise platform to an existing systematic program evaluation plan has been successful for the College of Nursing, and has expanded the use of Blackboard beyond simply teaching courses. Further, the online site fosters improved faculty communication by providing e-mail options and a single site for sharing course evaluations.
All courses in the four programs were uploaded into the discussion board so course faculty can simply click on their course title and upload course documents including the syllabus, schedule and course evaluation report.
The communication tab within the e-Enterprise course format enables the program evaluation committee chair to mass e-mail faculty about new items in the course site for their review. The site reduces paper copies yet provides consistent survey forms and quickly accessible evaluation reports.

Faculty can then type directly on the form, such as the course evaluation form called the PEC file report shown in Figure 12 . Placing the evaluation reports online gives faculty and administration quick access to reports in one central location.

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