The story is a slow one, detailing both the immediate break down of communications, relations and supply chains, as well as the slower deteriorations and struggles through a cold winter without modern conveniences. As it seems with many dystopia books written these days, to get to the meat of the story and the points of the text, in One Second After, I really had to let go of structural, flow, and character development expectations.  However, when I was able to do that, I definitely enjoyed the tidbits of unique ideas and perspectives on what could occur through an apocalyptic event, which is really the reason that I delve into so many end of the world tales. Questions of pharmacies and medications running out, of the stability of the American government after such a tragedy, of just how long canned goods will last and how well we as modern Americans will do with farming and creating our own food supplies, of living without modern heating and without technology and modern transportation are all tackled in this book, and the outlook according to William R.

One Second After brought up my own thoughts about the short term and long term implications of such a situation, which again is why I read these kinds of stories.  I wonder, and hope this book allows you to also think deeper and more clearly, about actual survival skills and knowledge, about cigarettes’ potential use as currency, about contacts versus glasses versus Lasik and so much more. Tagsapocalypse apocalyptic book books dystopia Electromagnetic Pulse EMP One Second After sci-fi science science fiction William R.
Forstchen follows John Matherson, a history professor at a North Carolina College who reminded me of a less kick ass Tom Mason of TNT’s Falling Skies, as modern life falls apart after America is hit by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack, knocking out technology and electricity across the United States.

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