Our team works with your plan and personnel to efficiently and safely execute an evacuation. July 18, 2012 By admin Leave a Comment In both random checks of disaster preparedness plans, and in the results of actual responses during emergencies, the U.S. An emergency such as a tornado or hurricane requires rapid evacuation of residents in a care facility. Improper emergency plans were linked directly to negative impacts on the physical and mental health of residents. Nursing homes nationwide suffer from emergencies like fires, criminal assaults and patient elopement. Among Chicago nursing homes and other facilities across the Midwest, tornado and flood are the most common major natural catastrophes.

Media images of nursing home residents being evacuated after an explosion this week at a nearby fertility plant in West, Texas, raise an important issue. Since nursing home residents often suffer from reduced mobility, this need presents a serious challenge. Detailed written plans to meet potential emergencies, from missing residents to fire to natural catastrophes.
Department of Health and Human Services has found that nursing homes leave much to be desired. If they failed to meet standards and recommendations from the government, a nursing home negligence lawsuit may be the only way to hold them accountable.
In 2006, Louisiana passed a law requiring its nursing homes to have a more detailed evacuation plan.

Evacuation plans for all residents, including access to transportation to effect the evacuation.
The hurricanes of 2007 to 2010 allowed government investigators to view exactly how well some nursing homes fulfilled those recommendations. It calls for updating their evacuation and disaster preparedness plan once a year and having state officials sign off on their transportation plans.

Disaster recovery information systems
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