In 1982, a secret Home Office exercise tested the UK's capacity to rebuild after a massive nuclear attack. Planning the war game, one civil servant tried to imagine how law and order would be maintained.
For instance, as the strike loomed, the game imagined the chief executive of South Yorkshire making "very pessimistic" public statements about survival in the event of war. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un smiles during a visit to the construction site of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power StationReutersNorth Korea has renewed confidence in its nuclear force, with its ambassador to the UK talking of a doomsday scenario with missiles flying over the Pacific Ocean. More than 300 megatons of nuclear bombs are detonated over Britain, in the space of a 16-hour exchange. One player said it failed to go far enough - it was supposed to model what would happen up to 18 months after nuclear attack, but too much time was spent on the pre-strike period.

Of course DPRK doesn't want war but it is not afraid of war".The envoy claimed North Korea's aggressive stance was a natural response to what he said was US hostility against his country. That followed the fortunes of two families in South Yorkshire, before and after nuclear war. Lord Hennessy, author of The Secret State, said he'd never seen a civil defence exercise quite like this, where it was - albeit briefly - suggested psychopaths could be recruited to keep order after a nuclear strike. He added that annual joint military exercises between US forces and South Korean troops were "provocative" and "offensive", claiming they re-enacted scenarios of conquest and occupation of Pyongyang.
Acclaimed at the time for its shockingly detailed portrayal of the impact of nuclear strike, it closely followed Exercise Regenerate. Optimistically termed Regenerate, this was a war game covering the first six months after the nuclear exchange of World War Three.

The exercise set out a series of local events that those involved would have to respond to as war came closer, and after the bombs fell.The "players", who would have been civil servants, officers from the police, fire services and military, were given choices as the scenario developed. The regime is believed to have enough plutonium to produce atomic bombs, but it is uncertain whether it also possesses the technology to miniaturise a nuclear warhead and mount it on a ballistic missile.

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