This is not a cheap batch tested air filter, but the same nuclear grade HEPA we use in our nuclear, biological, and chemical air filtration systems.
This is for those who are not concerned about blast protection or hand operation and want to save a few $'s.
The Evolution 5000 Military Gas Mask - Designed for military use, this respirator is also appropriate for tactical, law enforcement & civilian use.

NIOSH approved for respiratory protection in atmospheres containing CN & CS and particulates under 42 CFR 84 P100 classification ( 99.97 % efficiency level ) against allparticulate aerosols, including oil-based aerosols. This ensures that if there are any leaks in the room, outside air will flow inward, and the droplet nuclei that the infectious person exhales will not leak outside the isolation room.
This overpressure ensures that if there are any leaks, the air will flow outward, protecting the occupants from outside biological airborne toxins.

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