Based at HMS Sultan in Gosport, Hampshire, the Nuclear Department provides education and training for service and civilian personnel working in support of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programme (NNPP) and training in radiation protection for all MOD service personnel. In addition, the Nuclear Department provides research, consultancy and advice to the NNPP across a wide range of disciplines and in partnership with our industry partner, Flagship Training Ltd (FTL). The Nuclear Department offers more than 30 courses ranging in duration from one day to one year.

The Nuclear Department has an extensive array of training facilities, all housed within a modern, purpose-built teaching facility.
These include high-fidelity reactor simulators, plant models, laboratories for radiation science, materials science and chemistry, a bespoke nuclear library and excellent IT and specialist computer facilities, all located within a secure facility.

Preparedness for tsunami
Fema disaster preparedness checklist


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