National ArchivesOn August 6th and 9th of 1945, the United States dropped atomic bombs over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing significant death and destruction in both places. In the early morning hours of August 6, 1945, a B-29 bomber attached to the 590th Composite Group took off from Tinian Island and headed north by northwest toward the Japanese Islands over 1,500 miles away. Within hours of the attack, radio stations began reading a prepared statement from President Harry Truman informing the American public that the United States had dropped an entirely new type of bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima-an atomic bomb with more power than 15,000 tons of TNT.58 Truman warned that if Japan still refused to surrender unconditionally as demanded by the Potsdam Proclamation of July 26, the United States would attack additional targets with equally devastating results. The bombing of these two cities, forced the Japan’s Emperor Hirohito to surrender in World War II on August 15.

The US National Archives have released previously classified images of the preparation of these two bombs by the US army. Once inside the plane, the bomb is secured and all connections and equipment are checked again.
Beyond the closest blast radius a nuclear bombs effects become like a hurricane or strong wind combined with some fire and heat problems.
The same construction improvements that are used against a hurricane (post-Katrina in Louisiana) or ordinary fire would apply to greatly reducing bomb damage.

All were roughly identical to an operational bomb, even though they lacked the necessary equipment to detonate. The bomb caused total devastation for five square miles, with almost all of the buildings in the city either destroyed or damaged.

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