Dried fruits, such as dried apricots and raisins, are nonperishable food options for children.
Whether you are pulling together an emergency kit or planning for a long road trip, having non-perishable foods available for children helps ensure they continue to receive good nutrition, even in the absence of refrigeration. Non-perishable yogurts are available in the baby food section of most local grocery stores. When cooking is an option, dry goods such as brown rice or whole wheat pasta can be stored dry until ready for use. Because of the highly perishable properties of fresh meat, eggs, fish and poultry, as well as the high sodium and preservative content of some canned meats, other sources of protein provide healthier and safer options for children.
It’s officially the start of the summer travel season, so I thought it would be appropriate to share the list of my favorite travel food, including the food I recently took with me on my trip to Asia. Chia Seeds Packs – Perfect to top oatmeal, yogurt, or drink in coconut water for sustained energy.
Sprouted Wheat Pretzels – The only organic pretzel on the market made with the ingredients sprouted wheat and good for you olive oil.

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This is just a list of ways to give her some of your money while spending the rest of it on overpriced nonsense.
Canned foods lose vitamins as time goes by so you will want to rotate your food supply so you are using and replacing items before their “use by” dates.
I’ve provided links to where you can find these items on the internet too, which is my preferred method to buy things so I am not always hunting around for the items I love at multiple stores.
If I were going to stay somewhere with a kitchen, this list would include more cooking essentials and I definitely wouldn’t be using so many ziplocs!
I’m always looking for new ideas! If you know someone who is traveling soon or needs real food travel snack ideas, please share this post with them.
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In addition to providing a healthy dose of calcium, they are also made with real fruit and fortified with vitamins A, D and E.

I took these on my scuba diving trip every day because they wouldn’t melt and were perfect for instant energy. Be sure to check with your young child's doctor before introducing peanuts and other nut products for the first time. Dried or canned beans are also non-perishable sources of protein; 3 to 5 ounces of cooked beans count as a serving. Canned tuna, when packed in water, is also a healthy option for children that is relatively low in sodium and fat.

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