This idea is not new, but I chose a bunch of products that I personally HAD to have as a new mom.
Water Bottle – As a breast feeding mom you need to steadily drink to keep your fluids up, so giving the new mom a cute water bottle is perfect to help her do so.
I whipped up a Survival Kit label, and stuck that to the plastic tub I picked up at Dollar Tree.
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Little Photo MicroLights should just simply be on every person’s keychain, at home or on the road.

When it is reassembled, my hurricane kit includes batteries, flashlight, matches, basic first aid, gallons of water, gallons of gas, blue tarp, duct tape, long extension cord, twine, and a bottle of booze (great for those hurricane parties and bbqs). We watched as homes, office buildings, buses, trucks and cars got swept away by the rushing water.
Copies of your passport – I just learned that a friend of mine was in Christchurch, New Zealand during their recent earthquake. Yikes, I don’t have an emergency travel kit with first aid supplies, but I do carry copies of my passport, credit cards and other important documents. I just wanted to mention that your article really hit home with me because I also stayed at Kiahuna (which I loved) during a very tragic time.

As soon as I heard about the potential for a tsunami, I tapped out an email to my brother to let him know were were evacuating in the off chance he had heard the news and we couldn’t be reached.
As I recently moved from my house, I have misplaced my survival kit or better said it is scattered throughout a storage facility.

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Volcano survival kit


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