These carefully screened and highly trained individuals have played an essential role in working with the more than 11,000 children served by Neighbor To Family since 1998.
Neighbor To Family's signature service provides evidence-based, specialized foster care to sibling groups.
A quick trip to a clothing donation box proves therapeutic as the entire family disposes of the clothing belonging to her other personalities.When a gunshot is heard from next door, the family ventures onto the streets where they find that their neighbor, Mr.

Cowart has organ transplant surgery if there is an opportunity for the family to obtain matching funds from another charitable organization prior to surgery, thus the urgency of the fundraising efforts. Hubbard’s sister asks the Gregson’s to keep an eye on her brother’s house, Max contemplates purchasing the property, but as Tara and Max (John Corbett) visit a local bar that employs an attractive waitress (Joey Lauren Adams), events are set in motion that will serve as one of the story arcs for the season.A sleepless night has Tara staring out the window where something inherently draws her to visit her recently deceased neighbor’s house.

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