Q-Link products are a unique line of EMF protection devices that can help you improve your overall wellness using your own body’s natural energies.
A strong, healthy thyroid is the best protection from radioactive iodine-131 (nuclear power plant steam), and EMF exposure.
Eating foods naturally high in iodine will supply the thyroid with adequate amounts of iodine, discouraging the absorption of radioactive iodine, and protecting it from EMF damage. An EMF or electromagnetic field, is a force field consisting of both electric and magnetic properties that are exerted from the electric charge surrounding you.
Now that we have addressed the basic risks of EMF exposure, it is time to talk about hidden threats.
There are a number of crystals and minerals that naturally protect and absorb EMF emissions.

There are a multitude of options to ward off EMF waves, beginning with unplugging devices that you are not using around your home or work space. It has been scientifically confirmed that an energetic grounding occurs when we contact natural surfaces. It is not possible to completely avoid EMF exposure, but this will cut down significantly on run-ins with unwanted health risks. By connecting with the Earth, a person will naturally experience less stress as well as a heightened immune system. Just as your body can be cleared and charged with positive energy, it can also absorb the negative vibrations emitted from powerful electromagnetic radiation that exists all around you. These are just a few of the many conduits for EMF waves to communicate with your natural frequency.

While it is easy to become consumed by these exciting new gadgets, it is also impossible to ignore the many consequences that have surfaced as a result of heightened EMF exposure. For many of us, eliminating these gadgets from even a portion of our daily routine could prove detrimental to our communications, livelihood or careers.

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