With 19 countries on high alert with tsunami warnings issued from Taiwan all the way to Alaska, the Japanese tsunami is the worst natural disasters in the recent spell of tragedies. Other companies involved in disaster relief as part of their CSR include Air Asia - they provide free flights to relief workers. Effects of the tsunami are already being felt in Hawaii and waves are said to hit California beach within the next hour.
This is why Google has activated its 'Person Finder' after the Japan tsunami which is available in both Japanese and English.

However it cannot be denied that in times of natural disasters, especially with those of immense magnitude both corporate and public sector have to join hands to mitigate effects. They offered the same service during the recent Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand. Facebook also has a standing Global Disaster Relief page to help spotlight relief efforts.
Apart from causing loss of life and infrastructure; natural disasters have an immensely tangible effect on world economy.
Many companies recognize this and include natural disaster relief efforts into their CSR plans.

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