If estimates are to be believed, a citizen in Nepal is more likely to be killed by an earthquake as compared to any civilian in the world. Earthquakes are common in Japan but this 1995 Kobe quake was a standout that spelled the end of the road for a section of asphalt highway, a fleet of trucks, and even a huge crane which collapsed under the force of the temblor.
Haitian girls pick up the pieces by retrieving household goods from a Port-au-Prince neighborhood reduced to rubble by the magnitude 7.0 earthquake which struck on January 12, 2010. The terrible toll of the earthquake which struck Sichuan province on May 12, 2008, is evident as parents perform funeral rites for children killed when their school collapsed. The San Francisco Bay area has a 67 percent chance of experiencing a major earthquake sometime in the next 30 years. The vast majority of all earthquakes are so weak that no one notices them-except for scientists who monitor sensitive seismic equipment at more than 4,000 scattered stations.
About 10,000 people lose their lives to earthquakes each year, an average weighted by catastrophic events like the Haitian quake. In April 2014, the nation was struck by an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 Richter scale leading to many casualties in Guerrero. Other quakes can occur far from faults zones when plates are stretched or squeezed.Scientists assign a magnitude rating to earthquakes based on the strength and duration of their seismic waves.
A Port-au-Prince neighborhood lies ruined and reeling on January 16, 2010, just four days after one of the more devastating quakes in recent memory rocked the island nation of Haiti.Scientists with seismic equipment monitor about half a million earthquakes a year and very few of them are even strong enough to be noticed by people on the surface. The human toll is high in Port-au-Prince Haiti, where the after effects of a massive earthquake will be felt for years to come.

Chinese women weep near one of many buildings leveled in Dujiangyan by a May, 2008 earthquake. India has also experienced a series of some deadly earthquakes due to the movement of the Indian tectonic plate at the rate of 47 mm every year.
The country has a long history of witnessing disastrous earthquakes since it is situated on the Pacific “Ring of fire”. Another recent earthquake of 7.9 magnitude that hit the country on April 25, caused immense damage to life and property. When stresses cause sudden shifts of these plates they move violently from side to side or up and down, sending shock waves through the crust which we experience as earthquakes.
Yet earthquake danger to human is increasing because populations in earthquake-prone areas, like urban California and Japan, continues to rise and put more people at risk. We bring you 10 most earthquake prone countries in the world and how the quake has caused immense damage in these countries.
Nearly a year later as many as one million Haitians still live in refugee camps.Big quakes can be devastating and deadly but thousands of earthquakes take place around the world every single day. El Salvador is another earthquake prone country, and has suffered immense damage due to quakes in the region. In Philippines, earthquakes with high magnitude have led to deadly volcanic eruptions in the past. On October 15, 2013, an earthquake of magnitude 7.1 Richter scale had struck central Philippines leading to more than 100 deaths.

Also, earthquakes further lead to tsunamis and volcanic eruptions causing even more damage. Smaller temblors that usually occur in the days following a large earthquake can complicate rescue efforts and cause further death and destruction.Loss of life can be avoided through emergency planning, education, and the construction of buildings that sway rather than break under the stress of an earthquake. Mexico is another earthquake prone country, which has faced several earthquakes of high magnitudes in the past .
In September 2013, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.7 Richter scale had killed over 300 people causing immense damage to life and property. In 2013, an earthquake of magnitude 6.1 Richter scale had struck Indonesia causing 35 deaths.
On December 26, 2004, an earthquake followed by a tsunami had killed around 15,000 Indians.
Unlike earthquakes, which are often followed by aftershocks, the storms that birth tornadoes are independent of one another. The world is divided into seismic zones based on the tectonic plates and the magnitude of earthquakes.

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