Businesses can use FEMA's National Mitigation Framework to improve disaster preparedness planning. Natural disasters can strike anywhere at any time and have catastrophic effects on businesses and communities. Although FEMA's Mitigation Framework is meant to prepare the public for disasters, businesses can also use it -- for free! Enterprises can repurpose FEMA's free National Mitigation Framework to develop resilience to these events and lessen their impact. It's all about collaborationFRRR works in collaboration with other Foundations, Trusts, Private and Public Ancillary Funds, corporations and individuals, as well as Government agencies to support communities affected by natural disasters.

For those companies, there is good news: The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently released the National Mitigation Framework, which offers guidelines for lessening the effects of disasters. They leave themselves vulnerable to disasters, the effects of which could have less disastrous effects if they had only been prepared. Each of these could be applied as a best practice for disaster preparedness for businesses. This includes acquiring insurance for natural disasters and catastrophic events, as well as adapting capital projects to consider building locations or construction methods to better survive threats or hazards. The first step in any disaster preparedness plan is to identify the threats and hazards that could possibly affect the business.

Although the Mitigation Framework is meant to prepare the public for disasters, businesses can also use it -- for free!
There is no excuse for businesses to be caught unprepared due to cost or a lack of expertise in disaster planning. Operational coordination is the final core capability identified in the National Mitigation Framework.

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