Now is the time to prepare for seasonal and pandemic flu as well as for man-made and natural disasters. A few months ago, I wrote about getting a Disaster Preparedness bag or Evacuation Kit together and have finally finished the project.
But what A Place for Mom recently discovered was that when natural disasters strike, senior housing searches spike. If you are interested in obtaining flood insurance, call your agent or check the website for a list of participating companies. When a natural disaster occurs, my office works with federal, state and local government officials and tries to restore normalcy as fast as possible.

This has been a hot topic of conversation today, so I thought I’d share this disaster preparedness checklist with you (again). This storm-preparation checklist, updated for 2012, was developed by a team of our editors who have endured and covered more than a dozen hurricanes.In making the list, the team members drew on their own experiences, as well as advice from the National Hurricane Center, American Red Cross, National Weather Service, the state emergency management agencies for Alabama and Mississippi, and other sources. Complete as much of this form as you can to keep your service animal or pet(s) safe in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.
What I am learning is that disaster (be it health, or natural) can strike at any time and we need to be as prepared as we possibly can.
Wikipedia got an extensive list of emergency phone numbers for over 100 countries worldwide.

History has shown time and again that people who prepare for emergencies and natural disasters experience less disruption when they do occur, and are able to resume their lives more quickly than those who do not prepare.

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