Utilizing telecommunication systems to transmit real time data Develop a Mobile phone data collection system. Designing simple, cost-effective disaster recovery plans is easy with ReadyDATA cloud-managed, block-level replication. The custom-built ReadyDATA OS protects stored data with automatic RAID configuration, the continuous security of Unlimited Snapshots, and easy to manage block-level replication. ReadyDATA gives you continuous data protection with unlimited block-based snapshots of your file system. By sending only changed blocks for shares & LUNs, bandwidth demands and replication time are dramatically reduced.
ReadyDATA also provides thin provisioning for all volume types, making easier, smarter virtualization management a reality.

By shrinking backup data and removing globally common blocks of data as they are written, redundancy is eliminated from multiple backup jobs, and valuable capacity is saved. The ReadyDATA Cloud-based Management portal offers easy block-level replication along with unlimited snapshots—from anywhere, at anytime.
Make sure continuity of care for the duration of disasters john: All need to know what to do if they. With unlimited snapshots, block-level replication, native deduplication, and flexible form factors, ReadyDATA brings affordable, easy-to-manage, high-end data solutions to businesses of all sizes. ReadyDATA replicates your data at will, stores it where you need it, and protects it from human mistakes and inevitable disasters. With unlimited snapshots, block-level replication, native deduplication, and SMB-friendly form factors, ReadyDATA frees high-end data protection, disaster recovery and data integrity technologies from the oppressive contracts, license agreements, and costs of “Big IT” vendors.

Managed through the ReadyDATA Hybrid Cloud, it offers block-level replications and unlimited snapshots—from HQ, a remote office, or even from your laptop.
This enterprise-class feature copies any point of time in the file system, can be manually or automatically scheduled, and can restore any version with a simple click. By maintaining multiple copies of vital data through cloud-managed replication, it makes it easy for you to move data off-site to protect against natural disasters and theft. The DMIS not only collect information on damage but also support disaster preparedness and prevention activities andr identify relief needs.

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