New York State is planning on blasting out alerts of natural disasters, terrorist attacks and the like to your Xbox 360 messaging service from the Emergency Management Office.
The Disaster Report series, known in Japan as Zettai Zetsumei Toshi, will get a new installment, developer Granzella confirmed today with the release of new screenshots. Ownership of the Disaster Report property changed hands in 2014, when Granzella acquired rights from publisher Irem. Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories was planned for release on PlayStation 3, but it's not clear which platform(s) the new Disaster Report is planned for.

The goal is to reach younger people to spend more time on game systems than they do radio or TV. According to the series' official website, the company plans to formally announce the new Disaster Report sometime this fall. The game's small but detailed screenshots appear to indicate a release on current-generation hardware.
But what I do know is that on top of terrorists (said in the same tone as Homeland Security scare tactics), Raymond Bryce has to deal with nearly every natural disaster happening at once for some odd reason. Suddenly!

What a kick in the dick. Not only that, but this may be the single largest kind of disaster on the list.

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