Sprung provides disaster recovery applications to hurricane-affected communities worldwide.
Classrooms and gymnasiums, permanent or relocatable solutions for school districts effected by disasters. Government agencies, non-profit and non-governmental agencies, and disaster relief organizations have already made Sprung their first choice for instant building solutions. A Sprung structure is ideal for disaster recovery operations that require immediately deployable buildings for temporary emergency applications. Life Box is an air-droppable, rapid-response emergency shelter that can be quickly inflated to provide housing for four people. Adem Onalan conceived of the Life Box as a holistic solution that can be quickly deployed after natural disasters when relief providers are unable to reach the disaster zone due to distance, weather conditions, and the destruction of roads. In the wake of a year fraught with natural disasters, we're at a time where developing effective and efficient emergency relief shelters couldn't be any more critical.

At $5,000 per unit, the Reaction Housing System is a cost-effective emergency housing solution.
Parachute Shelter Provides Immediate Relief Aid and A Shelter to Hard-to-Reach Locations After natural disaster struck, immediate actions are needed to provide temporary shelters for homeless victims. The Red Dot Award-winning shelter contains supplies to provide relief to victims of natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis, or earthquakes.
Enter the Reaction Housing System - a rapid response emergency shelter that features a sturdy, minimalist design which allows for efficient deployment and quick arrival of safe and secure accommodations to areas affected by earthquake, fire, hurricane or other tragedies. As one of Red Dot design submissions, this innovative and instant installation provides rapid accommodation after a disaster struck. With limited need for foundations and attractive energy-efficient insulation packages available, Sprung structures are also easily dismantled and relocated for any future disaster recovery needs. The outer layer of the shelter functions as a parachute during the airdrop, while the polyethylene foam interior provides insulation.

Therefore, this compact and smart Accordion Tent design is very efficient to be transported for fast accommodation after natural disasters.
As you know, after natural disaster there are many people become homeless, it’s very crucial to provide sturdy temporary shelters that can handle complex structures and these shelters are needed quickly. Not only as temporary shelter, Accordion Tent can also be used as a temporary hospital, school or even rescue headquarters.
All of the boxes provide shelter on water and land thanks to two inflatable rings around the base of the shelter.

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