The earthquake of January 12th 2010 that stuck Port-Au-Prince of Haiti has resulted in massive destruction of both life and property in Haiti.
Stress of natural disasters triggers takotsubo cardiomyopathy Also known as broken heart syndrome, causes heart muscle to enlarge U.S. It has long been said it's possible to die from a broken heart - and now scientists say the phenomenon can also be triggered by the shock of natural disasters. They found dramatic spikes in cases of broken heart syndrome in two states after major natural disasters, suggesting the stress of disasters as a likely trigger. Gravestones tumbled over at cemetry at Jiganji temple in Ojiya, northern Japan after strong earthquakes in 2004. Earthquakes can humble even volcanoes, sending them slinking down some six inches into the earth, a new study has found. In both countries, scientists had expected that the massive earthquakes would herald another disaster: volcanic eruptions, which have long been associated with big quakes. As the disaster-hit country tries to come to grips with the reality of what it went through in the form of more than 150,000 deaths, the region itself is in an upheaval.

Man has always had dreams of ruling nature and it is the competitive streak and the idea to rule the world as it is, that keeps pushing him forward. They have discovered the stress of hurricanes and earthquakes can trigger a condition known as takotsubo cardiomyopathy. Looking at satellite footage of the deformed ground around the volcanoes both before and after the earthquake, scientists found that the earthquakes had not emboldened the volcanoes – they had humbled them. Both teams, who worked independently, have different explanations for why the earthquakes caused the volcanoes to shrug down some six inches. Nearly all of the capital of Port-Au-Prince is damaged; the destruction caused by the earthquake is extremely widespread and the country is struggling to cope with the massive damage. The Georgians have previously, in 2002, blamed the Russians for the earthquake that struck Georgia in the same year. This was the same year that Tropical Storm Irene pummeled the state with heavy rain and wind, causing the most devastation Vermont has experienced since the Great Flood of 1927. A year later, a 9.0-magnitude ripped through Japan itself – the most powerful earthquake to ever impact the fault-ribbed country – killing about 16,000 people and causing some $235 billion in damages.
The Russians blame the Americans for the Afghan Earthquake of 2002, which resulted in the destruction of Nahrin.

Similarly, researchers found broken heart syndrome at a rate of 169 cases per million in Missouri in 2011, the same year a massive tornado ripped through the state's town of Joplin, demolishing neighborhoods and killing at least 158 people.'Despite the seemingly increasing number of natural disasters we have, there is limited data about how it might affect the heart,' said Dr Sadip Pant, lead investigator of the study. The web was also rife with speculation over the earthquake of 2008 in the city of Sichuan in China and reports that it is also a link from the same chain keep coming through. In 2006, the 6.4-magnitude earthquake that rocked Indonesia's Java Island ushered in two volcanic eruptions about three days afterward. In that case, the earthquake worked like a pump, forcing underground magma to spurt upwards.

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