The definition of natural disasters is any catastrophic event that is caused by nature or the natural processes of the earth. Someone living in an area that is prone to one or other of these natural disasters will be well aware of the fact, so the most important factor is to be prepared.
Almost everywhere you look you find references to climate change associate with natural disasters. It is clear that the world is getting warmer, probably due to a natural process, but it is reasonable to assume that this process is being speeded up by mankind's release into the atmosphere of large amounts of greenhouse gas.

These are usually the consequence of extreme weather events, or are supplementary to other natural disasters. It is easy to blame every natural disaster on global warming, but meteorology is not an exact science and while in some cases this blame might be quite justified, in many cases these natural disaster occur for purely natural reasons.
Although this was America's costliest natural disaster, the deadliest natural disaster in US history was the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 that killed between 6,000 and 12,000 people in Galveston. As a result of this natural disaster the number of people dead or missing is put at around 30,000 and the Japanese economy has suffered a major blow.

Early in 1953 there was a major natural disaster when serious floods hit countries bordering the North Sea.

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