Of all the catastrophic natural disasters that the United States has faced, Hurricane Galveston holds the highest death toll in American history thus far.
Included in those records are the body counts from some of the worst disasters in human history.An earthquake centered in Shaanxi province killed approximately 830,000 people on the morning of Jan.
The severed gas mains created and fueled the massive blaze that lasted for four whole days while the severed water mains made it even more difficult for firefighters to quell the inferno.
Six of the ten deadliest floods in history struck the Middle Kingdom between 1887 and 1975. 26, 2004, the third largest earthquake ever measured unleashed a wave that would wash away more lives than any other in history.

China Drowned by FloodFloods have also terrorized the Chinese many times in the country's long history. Earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruption, landslides, hurricanes, tsunamis and cyclones are just some of the weapons wielded by our creator appropriately called natural disasters. On October 8, 1871 more people died in the flames of a wildfire than on any other day in recorded human history.
However, as intense as the outcry over the response to Katrina was, it pales in comparison to the repercussions of when one of history's deadliest storms struck what is now Bangladesh.Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan at that time, but the people of East Pakistan, as the region was called, suffered discrimination from the western portion of the nation and revolution was smoldering. Heavy snows in the winter led into a rainy spring and even wetter summer during which seven typhoons drenched the land.

Excepting pandemics and famine, history is plagued with hundreds of natural disasters that have wreaked havoc and misfortune upon human populations.
The torment of war raged on until Bangladesh emerged as an independent nation from the flood of bloodshed that was the Bangladesh Liberation War.Throughout history massive storms have toppled human ambitions and left suffering and death in their wake. Particular natural disasters stand out from the line up of perpetrators as particularly devastating natural born killers.

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