You can become a sponsor for the 2014 National VOAD Conference and champion the VOAD movement!
2016 National VOAD Conference Call for Presenters Get ready to “head up north” for a week of collaboration and learning with your colleagues of NVOAD. Community Discussion: Preparing Individuals Disproportionately Impacted by Disasters Webinar Various populations throughout the nation are disproportionately impacted during an emergency due to risk factors related to language, cultural isolation, immigration status and national identity. Take a moment to follow the link below to download the recent National VOAD Recovery Operations Report, inclusive of UMCOR-supported recovery operations.

While much of the country has moved on from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012, much work remains to be done in the Greater New Jersey and New York Annual conferences. The conference represents the largest gathering of emergency management individual assistance professionals in the country ranging from federal, state, and local governments to nonprofits, voluntary agencies, corporations, and academic institutions.
This incredible opportunity will allow you to meet other stakeholders in the VOAD movement and share with them the work being done by your organization. Attendees will hear from dynamic speakers, learn from educational sessions and have the opportunity to make lasting connections with peers from the disaster response and emergency management industry.

National VOAD is pleased to invite you and your organization to participate as a sponsor of this conference. Louisiana VOAD hosted the closing reception at the National VOAD Conference where a second line parade opened the event and beads were flying.

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