Geography for Life was first published in 1994 by the Geography Education National Implementation Project (GENIP). Geographic PerspectivesGeographers have different perspectives to frame their understanding of the world.
Geographic SkillsThe 5 geographic skills describe how students systematically conduct geographic investigations. Geography Standards and Excellence in Geographic EducationThe standards represent the consensus of the geography education community around what students should know and be able to do by the time they graduate from the 12th grade.

In particular, students of geography learn to approach the world from the spatial perspective and the ecological perspective.
Each knowledge standard is introduced by an essay describing how the standard fits into the overall vision for geographic literacy. If students learn only geography content, they may score well on fact-based tests, but will not be able to reason geographically in new and different situations. While every state has adopted geography curriculum standards based on Geography for Life, most students in the United States will not have had enough explicit geography instruction to meet all of these standards unless or until they enroll in an undergraduate program.

Geography for Life includes three major components which together represent the most current conception of what it means to be geographically literate. Curriculum developers, K-12 teachers, and parents can help mitigate this problematic situation by making every effort to increase their own understanding of the value and power of a geographic education.

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