National Geographic is a very successful society on the subject on nature, whose only full length feature is March of the Penguins, but has rather succeeded in television.
In Islamabad they met the National Geographic Photo Camp team including photographers Tyrone Turner, Matt Moyer, and Amy Toensing. Here is some behind the scenes footage during our recent National Geographic Photo Camp in Pakistan, showing how students are using the amazing little EPL-1 camera in the field. Photo Camp Exhibition Featured at the All Roads Film Festival at National Geographic, Washington D.C.
This photography exhibit features images from National Geographic Photo Camp, a program in which National Geographic photographers work with young people around the world to document their communities.

Since 2003, National Geographic photographers and editors have been mentoring youth through National Geographic Photo Camp (NGPC). National Geographic Channel has purchased television rights for climate change documentary Chasing Ice.
Stunned by the “gross universality” of Hrab’s face, Daniels submitted the image to National Geographic. Her work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, National Post, and McSweeney's Internet Tendency. The National Geographic Society was initially repulsed, then mesmerized, and then repulsmerized.

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