National emergency broadcast system test conspiracy, why risk assessment is important for business - . Testing: The FCC and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, conducted the first-ever nationwide test of the national Emergency Alert System. Alarm: The idea was born in 1963 to allow the President to speak to the entire nation in the time of nuclear attack or other national crisis.

Around the country, the planned interruption to all television, cable and radio channels at 2pm EST today came late or not at all, sparking fears about what would happen in a real emergency. Previously all Americans could tune in to the Emergency Broadcast System, using a small triangular marking on every radio, from which the public could hear messages from the government. One FEMA official said it could be down to preparation by cable and satellite companies, the National Journal reported.

Today's test was supposed to begin at 2pm, but by 2.03pm had yet to be activated, Business Insider reported.

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