The Federal Emergency Management Agency is conducting a nationwide test this afternoon (November 9th) of the Emergency Alert System (EAS). However, the National Weather Service notes that the Emergency Alert System test will not be carried on NOAA Weather Radio and will not activate NOAA Radio receivers. Joe Biden has announced he will not be running for president in 2016In a short speech delivered on Wednesday, Biden lays all rumors to rest.
Natural disasters, sabotage and cyber attacks have all been identified as potential threats to UAE telecoms networks.
The plan drawn up by the TRA addresses the responsibility of dealing with such incidents, and the priority-user groups, such as government and health agencies, in the restoration of telecoms services.
Abdulrahman Almulla, the senior vice president of regulatory affairs at Etisalat, said the plan set out how the operators would "use each others' networks in the case of emergencies". Emergency services use the Emergency Alert system to send voice messages to landlines and text messages to mobile phones based on their location. However, as Computerworld Australia reported yesterday, mobile customers on Optus and Vodafone's 4G networks might not always receive emergency alerts from the National Emergency Warning System due to compatibility problems that prevent the transmission of the user’s location on 4G. Adam Bender covers telco and enterprise tech issues for Computerworld and is the author of dystopian sci-fi novels We, The Watched and Divided We Fall.
A Telstra-run national emergency warning system underwritten by the Federal Government came under fire during a Senate Committee this week over concerns the telco was unfairly profiting from the service. Back in 2009, the Australian Government committed $26.3 million in a selective tender to assist the States and Territories develop a national emergency warning capability. But the operators have to be ready if more than that happens, for example [if] an earthquake or flood happens, then the communications system has to function and has to continue working," said Mr al Ghanim. You can now follow our progress as we prepare for the show on Facebook - search for SHSG Hairspray 2016 to get updates on our rehearsals and ticket sales. In the sixth form we are pleased to welcome boys and new girls and are delighted that they quickly become part of our school community.The quality of teaching is at the heart of an outstanding school. We invite you to see for yourself what we have to offer at an open evening, visits morning or by appointment.Fiona Brierley, HeadteacherVisit by Andy Mulligan to SHSG on Friday 9th October - It's Definitely Not Trash, it's Terrific!

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The national Emergency Alert System can be activated by the president, if needed, to provide information to the American public during emergencies. FEMA also says that the public is encouraged to use this event as a reminder that everyone should establish an emergency preparedness kit and emergency plan for themselves, their family, communities and businesses.
The UAE's telecommunications regulator has published an emergency plan with "red alert" classification in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist incident or network breakdown.
While both Etisalat and du already have emergency plans, the TRA plan sets out a framework so the operators can collaborate in the case of an emergency. Mr al Ghanim said it was "premature" to discuss fines or penalties if the telecoms operators did not comply with the emergency plan. In a statement today, the government said the telcos had been unable to meet a deadline to implement support for the system in time for the current bushfire season. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of IDG Communications is prohibited.
Telstra representatives faced a series of questions from a Senate Committee over how its emergency alert system operated and what it charged emergency services organisations to use it. The resulting National Emergency Warning System was put to the test during the recent floods in Queensland. For over 100 years SHSG has been supporting young women to develop independence, open minds, curiosity and a keen sense of responsibility. We have high expectations and our students achieve excellence in external examinations.Southend High School for Girls is an academic school plus! Andy is probably best known for having written the book 'Trash', now made into a Hollywood Film and directed by the world renowned Stephen Daldry.
Four levels of alert have been established by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), the most severe of which is "red", which signifies "imminent or actual major disruption to the telecoms network requiring immediate action".
He said a memorandum of understanding would be signed between the TRA and the two telecoms companies.

Hallowes said that there are other channels to receive emergency information, including radio, television and state or territory emergency services websites. Telstra's senior government relations advisor Jamie Snashall appeared uncomfortable when asked to describe the dollars and cents of the emergency alert service.
Snashall said the emergency service was similar to normal SMS messages and its "users" - the emergency services organisations - bear the cost. Etisalat and du, the local telecoms operators, have been given six months to comply with the National Emergency Plan, which will help to restore telecoms services in the event of a disaster. The government is in talks with Optus and Vodafone about funding upgrades of their 4G networks to support emergency alerts from the National Emergency Warning System, according to the national director of the Emergency Alert Program. Chairman of the Committee, Labor Senator Doug Cameron asked Telstra to explain the commercial arrangement and how it might minimise the cost to emergency service operators. It is the first business sector to draw up such a plan, which fits into a framework set by the UAE's National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority. Sabotage and cyber attacks have been identified as potential threats to UAE's telecom networks.
The TRA will also be allowed to assume control of the telecoms network in the event of an emergency.
Other priority groups include the Armed Forces, emergency services and the petroleum production industry. However, he said operators would be held responsible if they did not follow the emergency plan.

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