Find out the interesting Mudslide Facts if you want to know the disaster often faced by the people in the world. You have to be careful with the negative effects of mudslides.  If this disaster is in high speed, it can affect the sewerage lines, gas lines and power lines. In 1985, the people in Colombia, South America experienced the deadliest mudslide in the history.  A huge series of lahar occurred after the eruption of Nevado del Ruiz Mountain.

A report conducted in 1978 to 2003 stated that there were 100 people died because of mudslide. Avalanches facts provide the information about the disaster that can occur each year in the snowy region. Haiti Earthquake facts provide the information about the earthquake damaged the country few years ago.

The mudslide involves with the flowing down of mud inside a channel located in the mountainside and hillside.

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