SyFy’s television show Defiance has had a successful first season run, with an equally successful videogame launch from Trion Worlds. Every week a new apocalyptic blockbuster is released to cinemas, and more than a few shows on contemporary television feature apocalyptic themes. The reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission or republication of the content (including RSS feeds) without permission is strictly prohibited. We didn’t want to do Mad Max or something like that, so we came up with the idea of terra forming, which was a combination of the familiar and the bizarre.
Instead of being spontaneous with his rage, I think he has to try to keep a lid on his wrathful nature.

Abrams about it Bruce Lee Giveaway - Win The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, The Way of the Dragon and Game of Death on Blu-ray & DVD Dual Format Star Wars: The Force Awakens set for a $600 million opening weekend New trailer and character posters for Dad's Army NXT Recap & Review - James Storm debuts, Rhyno vs. I think those themes that are bubbling away at our own society, we’re able to look at head-on in the sci-fi genre. What makes this show and its companion game so compelling is that as its universe continues to open up and allow viewers and players to enjoy a sense of exploration, the themes within them are still universal and relatable. Earth, a terra formed apocalyptic remnant of what it used to be, is now inhabited by aliens known as Castithans and Irathients, humanoids who have learned to adapt to Earth’s ways and customs. Plant and animal life has all but been rendered extinct, but the world is in a state of regrowth and rebirth, with humanity making peace with the alien species living amongst them.

We’re being chased around by high tech steampunk-looking aliens in post-apocalyptic automobiles. While the post-apocalyptic genre perpetually renews itself through film, literature, and videogames, consumers have a viable and safe bet with Defiance. By Monday morning, we have to come up with a spiritual movement like crossing yourself or something.

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