A complete 3-day food unit of Mountain House® freeze-dried foods consisting of three(3) full meals per day.
This complete 2-Day Meal Kit can be combined with a 5-Day Meal Kit to customize your plans for a 7-Day emergency food supply!
The "Just In Case" 2-Day Emergency Food Kit is designed to provide one person with three (3) meals a day for two days. All food products in the Mountain House 2-Day Meal Kit are carefully cooked and then freeze dried.

Because of its compact size and easy preparation, this emergency meal kit is perfectly designed for your emergency prepping supplies. Mountain House products are processed in a facility containing soybeans, milk, wheat, eggs, fish, crustaceans, and coconuts.
Mountain House 48-Hour Emergency Kit - This kit is perfect for emergency retreats, outdoor adventures, at-home meals in a pinch, extended hotel stays, and road trips.
Make it easy to calculate short or long-term food supply needs by combining with other Mountain House Emergency Meal Kits.

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Effective disaster prevention and contingency/recovery plan


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