Everything you need for 72 hour emergency survival for 4 people is in this one complete kit. Everything needed for 72 hour emergency survival for 50 people is in this one complete kit.
Having lived through the Northridge earthquake in 1994 and being totally unprepared, I was happy to find More Prepared online. More Prepared is an incredible business that provides a wonderful service to schools and families.

I bought the 4 Person Home Survival Kit plus Kids Survival Kit, and each one contained the items my family would need in an emergency. We have been ordering survival kits from them for 2 years and the school and the parents could not be happier with the contents, the price and their exceptional customer service!
Inside a Premium Home Survival Kit is everything you need for 72 hour emergency survival, conveniently included in a sturdy, airtight.. Electricity, gas, water and cell phones may not be working, so you and your family need to be self sufficient for emergency survival.

Emergency preparedness is key, and More Prepared offers the most complete emergency survival kits for home, school, car and work. Everything you need for 72 hour survival, including food bars and survival gear, is contained in one convenient pail or backpack emergency kit.

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