The area around Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma is known as tornado alley because this area has more tornadoes than anywhere else in the country.
Summers in the Midwest are hot and humid; winters can be long, cold and gray, especially in the northern Midwest. Answer: For many years, cities on the Great Lakes, such as Chicago and Detroit, were industrial hubs, building cars and equipment.

The states included in the Midwest are Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. The largest cities in the Midwest includes Chicago, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, Des Moines and Cincinnati. Take the FREE & fun all about the Midwest quiz and download FREE all about the Midwest worksheet for kids.

The United States is the third largest producer of crude oil in the world and most of that oil comes from Alaska, Texas and parts of the Midwest.

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