Emergency vehicles surround a SkyWest Airlines plane, operating as United Express, that made an emergency landing at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, April 22, 2015, in Cheektowaga, N.Y.
An unconscious passenger alarmed a SkyWest Airlines pilot into making a swift descent and emergency landing in Buffalo, New York, on Wednesday, after he thought the person might have passed out from a dangerous drop in air pressure, the airline said.
The plane dove as fast as 7,000 feet per minute, according to flight tracking service FlightAware.
The Chicago-to-Hartford flight landed safely in Buffalo, where the passenger got medical attention, and accommodations were made for the other 75 passengers, the airline said. Likely because of the harrowing ride, an additional 15 adults and two children were evaluated upon landing, but none required treatment outside the airport, airport spokesman C.
The Air France Boeing 777 pictured when landing at the Seychelles International Airport at Pointe Larue.

The Air France plane, a Boeing 777 travelling from Paris with 491 passengers onboard, was bound for Reunion island, a French overseas department in the Indian Ocean.
SCAA confirmed that the passenger in question is a 5-year-old girl, who was subsequently transported to the Seychelles hospital for treatment after the plane landed.
According to the Seychelles Immigration services, two French nationals [a little girl accompanied by a woman] disembarked from the plane to go to the hospital. An Emirates A380 flight from Dallas to Dubai was forced to divert to Warsaw due to a medical emergency on Wednesday morning, May 20.
One of the passengers, a 55-year-old Nigerian citizen, suffered a stroke and the flight had to be diverted to the Polish capital, where the passenger received medical attention after landing at 5.45am local time.
One of the wheels on the A380, however, sustained damage during landing and passengers had to wait while a replacement aircraft arrived, leading to an overall delay of six hours.

Last month, the Dubai carrier revealed it diverted over 100 flights due to medical emergencies over the last two years, costing it more than $12 million. An Emirates spokesperson added that the airline had spent more than $6 million on emergency medical training for cabin crew and pilots, with a total of 33,430 hours clocked last year. Staff were also trained to identify passengers who may be unfit to travel when boarding planes at airport gates, the report added.

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