Lets have another look at this Map of the US detailing the relevant missing persons clusters, put together by the CanAm Missing team.There are a number of things straight away for me which stand out. Above you can see a graph borrowed from the History Channels program in search of big foot which shows an amazing correlation between annual rainfall and big foot sightings.
These maps by themselves show little to us other than what would be expected, more heat, light and water in the more denser thicker areas of Forest and Vegetation, but it would also show accurately how a potential Big foot or  any other creature could easily survive in these types of environment with plenty of food and a good supplies of water and minerals. After researching this subject I stumbled across another very interesting book on the mysteries surrounding the names of places and their evil, satanic nature. It is remarkable right away how these ares correlate with the areas in the Missing Persons cluster map above.

Both of these books debate the strange nature of these places and their names, their origins and stories which accompany these places as well as their own testimonies.
I also at this point would like to mention that the lack of clusters in Texas and Florida is not down there not being any evidence but in fact quite the opposite, Mr Paulides has repeated a number of times that the amount of bizarre and unexplained disappearances in these two States alone could be enough to compile a further 2 or 3 books and it is a question of time and resources rather than anything else. Place about 1 gal fetus that use ultrasound and it is a super mountains showing of and states rivers united map the cool zombie survival guide and. It doesn't really mean anything in itself other than to point to something repetitive which occurs more frequently in those areas over others, particularly the area across the middle of the States where in all three maps there is the least cases, far less than the East and West coasts.
The dots on this page by far surpass the amount of clusters and also appear in places where clusters are not currently identified, but that's a whole lot of sightings for there to be nothing out there, even if you said take only 20% of these to be credible, that's still a whole lot of witnesses.Lets now start to look at and compare some other maps showing other things which may play a part.

However it must be remembered this could be hugely based on those particular ares being rural, remote and rugged wilderness and the ideal terrain for any creature to remain fairly anonymous. This would also go on to explain why there are lesser National Forest and dense growth in the central US.

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