It seems so overwhelming to think of all the things you have to pack to make it 72 hours outside of your home, plus you have to make one for every member of your family. The batteries need to be rotated every so often and make sure to include an extra set (not pictured). If you have a reason to use your packs, your kids will have a reason be stressed and most likely scared. One important thing not pictured is to have your child’s records, even if it is a copy.

You always come up with such useful, well -thought- through info about things that make a difference.
We have 72 hr kits but every time I rotate them I realize that there is no way my little ones could handle carrying what is recomended for a 72 hr pack.
That makes it so much easier to see what I have, what I need to get, and what needs rotated. Yes I am the one who just got a kick in the pants because I don't have my 72 hour kits ready.

That way if your family gets separated, emergency workers can actually see who belongs with who.
I've been stressing about 72 hour kits forever, haven't made them yet, but this was a very helpful reminder!!

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