Here are the inner three layers of the magnetic shield and the cylindrical layer with 780 copper rods.
Now, Lins and colleagues say they’ve designed a magnetic shield that provides 10 times better magnetic shielding than previous ones. It’s the first shield to achieve an extremely low magnetic field over a large volume, creating a space that boasts the weakest magnetic field in our solar system.

They built it using several layers of a special alloy composed of nickel and iron that has a high degree of magnetic permeability. In order to fill in those holes, physicists need new, more precise tools to safeguard their projects from the smallest shifts in magnetization—which can be easily caused by temperature changes or vibrations from passing cars.
This allows it to absorb and redirect an applied magnetic field, which ranges from the planet’s ever-present magnetic field to one generated by equipment, like motors and cranes.

Now, researchers are saying that they’ve created a space that's practically devoid of magnetic fields.

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