Real Simple says that you should include high-energy, high-protein foods in your emergency stockpile, since you might need to expend more energy during an emergency than you normally would.
The article offers a bunch of helpful tips, such as choosing individually packaged cereals so they don't become stale after opening and keeping a can of Sterno handy to warm up foods indoors. It never hurts to prepare for the worst, so in addition to your food rations, don't forget your 72-hour emergency kit or long-term survival kit.
I’m in Houston and learned a few things about emergency supplies after Hurricane Ike last year and Tropical Storm Allison eight years ago.
I was amazed at how many restaurants managed to open and sell out the food they had on the premises, though. Food and water shortages could be big problems in the very near future, unless the economy can be stabilized.
Dehydrated food and freeze dried food: These two survival foods are some of the best foods for emergency food storage because of their long shelf life.
Food bars: These specially formulated nutrition bars are non-thirst provoking and are usually high in protein, vitamins and minerals.
If you live in the colder region of the planet, you may want to store more foods that are high in calories, proteins and healthy fats (unprocessed fats that are free of synthetic chemicals and non-GMO). Keep in mind that having clean water to drink is more important than food because you can live longer without food. The items recommended on their food supply list have long expiration dates: peanut butter, for example, and, of course, canned meats and vegetables (don't forget the can opener!). While we’ve got a flashlight handy, we have absolutely zero back-up batteries for it. Both of the cans do a good job keeping the food fresh but overtime the cans are vulnerable to corrosion.
I do not recommend going this route because most junk food has little nutrients, full of chemical preservatives and is not good for your health. I highly recommend purchasing the Berkey water filtration system, because it is portable which makes it great for emergency situations. I’m a big foodie and I still learned a lot about food storage, as well as the other needs for survival in an emergency that should be addressed.

Interesting ideas for your stockpile include basic seasoning and sweeteners to make your food taste better and multivitamins to help replace nutrients.
We snagged a big case of bottled waters at least two years ago for this very purpose and stored it out-of-reach in the kitchen specifically for instances when we’re without clean water for a day or two. Depending on the types of food and packages, dehydrated food can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years.
MREs usually contain many different food, such as spaghetti, corn, rice, beef stew, cookies, candy, shakes, tea, etc. Oh and while we wish that all of you are ready for any emergency, here’s hoping that none of us find ourselves actually experiencing one anytime soon. A friend of mine made a book of emergency supply information and recipes to use with canned foods and dried foods. None of the information, tips and advices on this site are meant as substitutes for professional medical advice or legal advice. It takes 24 hours for an icemaker to fill up, so start making ice a few days ahead of a storm. Canned food: The most popular cans for storing food are tin-coated steel or aluminum can because they are cheaper to make. Before microwaving or heating dried food, sprinkle some water on top of it to bring back some of its natural textures. Dehydrated food contains very little moisture because during production about 95 percent of its moisture is removed. Protein, vitamins and minerals are crucial for survival because without them your body will start to breakdown. Milk, cheese, beef, poultry, fish, bread, fruits, vegetables and eggs are some examples of perishable food. And while we were both fortunate that all of our loved ones escaped harm, our thoughts and prayers go out to those whose didn’t.
I was told that a person in an emergency would need a gallon of water a day for more than just drinking water. Glass jars are usually better for non-commercial packaging which is why it is popular at homes.

I personally always forget about the water thing, but I do try to have some camping gadgets on hand.
We got our electricity back two days after Ike hit but most of our neighbors didn’t get theirs back for two weeks. Another reason why you should start thinking about storing more food is because of the world’s economy. Canned fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf-life than regular fruits and vegetables but still do not compare to dehydrated food.
We’re lucky if we have a three day supply of non-perishable food within a day or two of our latest grocery trip, so we could stand to stock up on our canned food supply.
Below is a list of some of the best foods for catastrophic and emergency events because of their long shelf life. If you can, dump the bottled water you have had for two years and get a fresh supply if you’re concerned about chemicals in the plastic leaching into the water.
Pack only what is essential for surviving the storm and its aftermath.Don't forget to hurricane-proof your digital information.
You can find the suggested Emergency Supply Kit list that we used to evaluate our preparedness on Once the dehydration process is done, the food is put into airtight packages or containers to protect its quality and keep it from spoiling. Dehydrated food is lighter and usually takes up less space and last longer than non-dehydrated food. Backing up to a portable hard drive leaves you open to the same storm-related dangers your computer faces.
If the food smells funny or is discolored, it is best to throw it away to avoid food poisoning. Because of the increase in natural disasters, it would be wise to stock up on a few months’ supply of food.

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