Most of the items on this Thanksgiving Preparation Schedule assume that you will be hosting or at least in charge of the Thanksgiving meal.
Start with sorting out the recipes for your “must haves,” and your family’s traditional dishes. I find it helpful to write down a list of the items needing to be prepared or reheated  and what time that task needs to be talked to keep me calm and organized in the kitchen.
If small children are present, have something to for them to do so they don’t get in the way (ideally you should again delegate that to someone else if you are in charge of the meal preparation). About the Author:Katie’s lifelong interest in cooking good food has shown her that part of the goodness in life is enjoying delicious food with friends and family.
While anyone who has cooked Thanksgiving dinner before knows these tips, we often forget until we are running around the kitchen like a chicken (or Turkey) with our heads cut off.

Pantry needs include turkeys, dressing, canned veggies (corn, beans, sweet potatoes), canned fruit, cranberries, turkey pans, potatoes, cream of mushroom soup, gravy, pies & desserts, oranges, apples, beans, rice and any other non-perishables.
Keep a list on hand of items you are running low on or out of and shop the sales and ads leading up to Thanksgiving to get the best prices on the items you need. Such items might include: Pie Crusts, Toasted day old bread for stuffing, or Browned sausage for stuffing.
Chop onions, celery, carrots, and any small items that are part of a larger task and store them in individual containers or small Ziploc bags. For many years, our hearts have naturally gravitated to the needs of families in our region. Decide when you will begin what dishes that you’ve saved to prepare the day of or when items like pre-assembled casseroles will need to go in the oven to be reheated.

Since I came out as the foodie in the family, holidays have suddenly started happening at my place. Bring your food items to us in the lobby the weekends of Nov 15th and Nov 21st & 22nd and watch how God provides!
But by doing a little bit each week leading up to the big day, you can have a smooth-sailing Thanksgiving, no last minute craziness and lots of fun family time.

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