I don't mind commercial emergency kits, but they tend to have too many unecessary drugs and are very expensive. Weapons have until a friend went tougher to consider and pondering clearly throughout an emergency scenario. Eric Weiss from Stanford Hospital talking with Investigative Reporter Elyce Kirchner about some of the items that go into an airline emergency medical kit. The agency also requires that airlines carry a medical kit during all flights and that they contain specific items including a stethoscope, tourniquet and certain medications.
If your house is destroyed or unsafe for you to live in you will need, at the very least, the contents of your Emergency Evacuation kit (Bug Out Bag). For that matter, there is a plethora of pre-packaged "72 Hour Survival Kits" marketed all over the place on the internet.

Personally, I think they are pretty much all very lame but hey, if I had nothing, I would be thankful for one of those lame kits just the same. This booklet has lots of information, and is like a cook book for how to treat cardiac emergencies.
But the Investigative Unit found out that the contents of medical kits vary because airlines often add to the FAA’s list of required items. One of the "Extra Two" items is a first aid kit which can contain little "slide-bys" like a needle and thread or bug repellent.
So, in your Emergency Evacuation Scenario Planning & Preparing, as far as a Bug Out Kit goes, you will think of the items that would make such a situation a little less hard on you. We supply medical equipment, training and supplies to doctors, dentists, schools, churches, museums, corporations and individuals.

The FAA did collect data about airplane medical emergencies for five domestic air carriers during a 12-month period between 1996 and 1997, including how frequently air crews used medical kits. The CLAM (Compact Layout Auto-Injectable Medications) Kit is available by prescription only. You can spend some money and buy prepackaged kits, and all kinds of "prepping" gadgets, and say you are "ready" and then go on about your daily life. I also call my Bug Out Bag a "Cowboy Kit" because it is loosely based on what the old West cowboys had with them as they rode their horses out on the rugged and remote western lands and would spend a night or two out under the starts.

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