There is a total installed capacity of 29 megawatts in the southern block of states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.
In electricity consumption, he explained, “after you get past the top five, you find Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina very high on the list. Developers like Iberdrola, Invenergy and Wind Capital Group are engaging communities in North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky and Florida with proposed projects totaling over 1,400 megawatts.
There are 34 municipal electric (public power) utilities in the state, and they serve approximately 3 million Floridians, or 25 percent of Florida’s population. Municipal utilities are governed by an elected city commission, or an appointed or elected utility board. A sale of TECO Energy would affect its 700,000 customers who are mostly in Hillsborough and Polk counties, in addition to 350,000 Peoples Gas Systems customers throughout Tampa Bay and Florida. The news comes as no surprise to energy analysts who have long speculated that a relatively small utility such as TECO is a ripe for acquisition.
Two of the state's utility giants, Duke Energy Florida and Florida Power & Light, surround TECO's electricity service area, which sets up speculation that one of those players might acquire the Tampa-based utility.

A smaller utility is seen as being particularly appealing to bigger neighbors eying an opportunity to consolidate operations and bolster revenue.
TECO's Tampa Electric, besides its large base in Hillsborough and Polk, also serves a handful of customers in the Oldsmar area of Pinellas and a small number in eastern Pasco. The Florida Solar Panel market continues to grow with twenty-seven Florida based solar energy companies making the Solar Power World’s top 400 solar panel installer list. The cost of solar energy systems has been trending downwards for the past five years and as a result Florida solar panels are a more economically sound choice than traditional fuel generators for back up power options. When the power goes out people desperate for fuel are often faced with closed gas stations that are unable to pump fuel without electricity. About Florida Solar One…Florida Solar One a the premier solar contractor for all Tropical regions. The combination of newly identified, as-yet-unexploited resources, new technologies that make exploiting them economically feasible and a growing demand for electricity make the region a new frontier for developers. Older conventional generation units are going offline and utilities must face the regulatory rigors and prohibitively high costs of building new coal or new nuclear -- or consider the energy diversification that new wind capacity offers.

Florida Solar One ranked among the top in the state and nation in 2014 with a record setting year of installations despite Florida’s historically low electrical rates, no renewable energy portfolio and 3rd party financing remaining illegal in the Sunshine State. Persons and businesses in the Florida market want energy options and solutions when traditional utility power goes down like it often does when hurricane force winds, driving rains and flooding can knock power out for days or weeks. When people choose a contractor to work in their home and businesses they demand accredited, highly ranked and reviewed companies to be certain their system will be the best and outlast the harsh conditions found in Florida and the Caribbean. People with solar power systems do not face these issues making solar panels a good choice for those looking for power security and to avoid access to fuel challenges when the utility does go down.

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