The latest (shown above), captured July 21 by astronaut Karen Nyberg, shows an early-morning storm lighting up the clouds over Southern California.
That’s the approximate orbital height above Earth of the International Space Station, which is producing an impressive library of images showing what lightning looks like from way above. Astronauts on the International Space Station captured a video of lightning storms flashing across Africa from 250 miles up.┬áThe video also captures the Milky Way - our galaxy, which can be seen as a hazy band of white light at the start of the video.

The complete pass is over southern Africa to the ocean, focusing on the lightning flashes from local storms and the Milky Way rising over the horizon.
Nasa astronaut Terry Virts captured this incredible footage from the International Space Station on Sunday. This is easily as cool as another amazing shot of a lightning-illuminated cloud over Brazil taken from space in 2011, too.

Scientists have detected gamma rays -- extremely high-energy light -- presumably generated by lightning storms and shooting straight up into space.

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