Join Professor Witney Seibold for a look at the disaster movie genre and the man who started it all. Disaster films all seem to have a similar structure: We are introduced to a single protagonist, but also a wide swath of ancillary characters, usually each representing a different marketing demographic.
But Allen is best known in the world of feature films (despite having won a 1952 Academy Award for a documentary called The Sea Around Us) for a long string of big budget and high profile disaster films that practically serve to define the decade.
Irwin Allen’s first major film in the disaster genre was the 1972 star-studded popcorn flick The Poseidon Adventure. When the disaster strikes, our protagonist has something uncompleted in their personal life. Many minor sci-fi films deal with a kind of post-apocalyptic scenario, wherein only a few humans remain in a destroyed landscape. But most of us, at least of my generation, were introduced to major disasters through the big-budget work of German director Roland Emmerich.
Big disasters (at least the ones in faraway countries) may not affect our day-to-day lives in a significant fashion, but it’s hard not to be philosophical.
Few places in this world are safe from the kind of disasters that Mother Nature likes to throw at us. Depending on just what kind of disaster it is, there will probably be a lot of damage done to people and their properties.

It is best if you take every necessary precaution and gather everything you may need to survive the first few days after the disaster. It is important to note that you should be well-prepared for all different kinds of disasters.
Your life, and the lives of your loved ones, depends on how well you are prepared to face a natural disaster. Planning and preparing for any major disaster to happen does not mean you are looking forward to a disaster in your small part of the world, it just means you are smart enough to get things done before a disaster happens. Road accidents, rail accidents, plane crashes, or accidents in space or on the ocean, are all classified as man-made disasters. Going to have to do things what kind of disasters are there like foraging for accessible, you couldnt how to be personally prepared is vital. Seeing as it’s now 2012, and the end of the world is pretty much nigh, I figured that it was time to ponder world disasters.
I cited Emmerich as sort of a bulwark of disaster films, but it was the producer Irwin Allen who really codified this trend back in the 1960s and 1970s.
We hope to never see the day when a DR is needed for a true disaster from natural or human-caused events, but if we do Nasuni will be there to help get your business back up and running. The ancillary characters may be given backstories as well, and we’ll often get one or two people who are bitter, cynical and shallow up to the very end, but those people often die off or are least humbled by the disaster.

Of course, seeing as this is the Free Film School, I will not be so much giving any sort of philosophical breakthroughs or reliable end-of-the-world scenarios, so much as I will be offering up various feature films that deal with the apocalypse, and exploring one of the most notable makers of disaster films in the form’s history, the prolific producer Irwin Allen.
It is best if you are aware of the natural disasters that may occur in the area where you live. Characters are included partly to sympathize with, but mostly to depict the breadth of the destruction on the film’s given disaster. Say what you will about the dumb stories, contrived situations, or paper-thin characterizations (the sheer number of big stars usually limits the time given to character moments), you’ll never walk away from a big-budget disaster film feeling ripped off. Disaster and Emergency Prep for FamiliesFew places in this world are safe from the kind of disasters that Mother Nature likes to throw at us. You will only suffer more if you have not even gathered the most essential items you will need in case of a disaster.
And it was Emmerich who simply offed the planet kind of randomly in 2009’s now-archetypal disaster film 2012.

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