We recently headed over to our local Walmart store to buy some extra Duracell Copper Top Batteries for our storm survival kit. Since we live an era where we are so electronic dependent, I went with low key activities to keep my kids busy during a storm. What a great way to teach your kids about emergencies, and I love what you included in the box!
We were younger, and never really thought to have a storm survival kit of sorts in case of an emergency.

We spend most of our time reading to the kids when the power goes out, so I should probably have a few special books with everything else. Over the flashlight or lantern since kid friendly survival kit they have a drastically reduced power usage and software program, guidelines. I have an emergency kit packed in my closet in case of emergency and it’s FILLED with stuff to keep the kids busy! With three kids, losing power is certainly not ideal, but with the right items in our storm survival kit, we can rough it out!

Buying dollar store batteries for emergency kits is one big no-no..learned that the hard way! Pitching a pretend fort, or tent in the family room is the perfect time for kid’s to play and color by the lantern, and stay occupied.

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