Effective Business Continuity Planning (BCP) can help minimize financial loss and the negative effects of disruptions on a hedge fund or investment firm’s strategic plans, market position, operations, and reputation. Eze Castle’s Business Continuity Planning Services (Eze BCP) extend beyond technology to focus on critical operations and processes that hedge funds or investment firms must have available if a disaster strikes. This combined expertise means a client gains a custom, comprehensive BCP plan developed and managed by professionals that understand the client’s business. Learn more about Eze Castle's business continuity planning service and how our certified BCP experts can prepare your firm for a disaster. This guidebook is designed to help hedge fund managers of all sizes develop an understanding of both the BCP and DR planning processes. Our business continuity consultants will identify and prioritize potential business risks and disruptions based on severity and likelihood of occurrence. Our certified business continuity planners will create department, division and site level plans for your business. Business continuity plans are living documents and must be updated annually to ensure they account for changes within the firm as well as any changes in risk scenarios. In this example, the company was able to be back online immediately using a business continuity solution in the cloud and, according to estimates by the company owner, saved approximately $75,000 in extra labour, lost business and other potential expenses relating to the loss of data. If you are unsure or your computer does not have a business continuity plan in place…call us today, we can help ensure you have the right business continuity plan in place to protect your business.

Detailed background on CISSP exam Domain 7, covering business continuity and disaster recovery. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning: Management leadership, goals and requirements, business impact analysis, team building and implementation. Recovery and testing: Strategies for executing recovery, carrying out drills and types of plan testing. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning It's critical that companies understand the degree of potential damage and revenue losses that different types of business interruptions can cause.
The main goals of a business continuity plan are to improve responsiveness by the employees in different situations, ease confusion by providing written procedures and participation in drills and help ensure logical decisions are made during a crisis.
This level of response requires extensive business continuity planning to ensure all aspects of a firm’s business are evaluated and protected. Our Eze BCP consultants are certified experts in business continuity planning and possess deep knowledge of the unique operations of financial services firms.
And our hedge fund business continuity consultants work with clients to address the full spectrum of BCP.
Our Business Continuity professionals ensures all clients have a fully functional business continuity solution allowing each client to continue business operations when technical issues occur.
These plans are usually technology-oriented and focus on getting the network and systems up and running as quickly as possible.

Business continuity deals with keeping a company and business after a disaster has been experienced and takes a lot more into account than just technology.
The business continuity committee must identify the necessary skill set for each critical task and come up with back up solutions as in using temp agencies or cross training individuals. These can range from troubleshooting the plan by simply walking through the documents detailing the sequence of events, to actually rehearsing the plan up to the point of actual data or resource recovery at the main site. More and more companies are developing business continuity into their environment because of the raised awareness of tragic possibilities, but also because of new regulatory requirements that infer executive management obligations for fiscal responsibility.
The business case can include current vulnerabilities, regulatory and legal obligations, current status of recovery plans and recommendations. The decision of how a company should plan to recover is purely a business decision and should be treated as such.

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