AS 7799 is being actively promoted by some state governments and certification has been a mandatory requirement in contracts with particular security sensitivity. Microsoft TechNet provides comprehensive guidance including whitepapers, guidelines and checklists to assist in developing and documenting an effective security policy.
Microsoft Consulting Services and Microsoft Partners can provide Specialist Information Security Advice.
As the change and configuration management component of System Center 2005, System Management Server (SMS) 2003 provides enterprise application deployment, asset management, and security update capabilities for multiple systems, including desktops, devices and servers. Additionally, Microsoft Press have released numerous books on all aspects of security as well as specific technologies and solutions.
Ensuring that physical and environmental issues do not impact the availability of information is a key control issue with AS7799. Adoption of MOF provides organisations with guidance, knowledge and practical implementation details applicable to many of the Communications and Operations Management control objectives. Microsoft solutions have always included the ability to allocate different access levels to meet different organisational access security requirements, which is a key concept incorporated in AS7799. Microsoft solutions such as Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) provide organisations with a unified view of all known identity information about users, applications and network resources, simplifying their identity management problems. Secure remote access is becoming a key business requirement and AS 7799 mandates consideration of appropriate security for all external connections to IT systems. The Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) provides operational guidance to enable organisations to achieve mission-critical system reliability, availability, supportability and manageability of Microsoft products and technologies. The Microsoft Security Response Centre (MSRC) provides  global management of security vulnerabilities and security incidents to develop security updates and guidance to minimise the threat to customers. The Microsoft Trustworthy Computing initiative provides structured guidance on implementing processes that include aspects such as intrusion detection and responding to incidents to provide organisations with more effective security. Technologies such as Group Policy, Windows Rights Management and System Management Server (SMS) provide effective management and enforcement of policy, copyright and licensing requirements. Every few months, an elite group of DoD security experts, IT managers, and senior leadership gather to chart the future course for how Information Assurance will be conducted within the Defense Department.
The changes are an evolution of existing practices, but also a profound step forward that advances the practice of Information Assurance at DoD and reflects the growing importance of IA within the federal government.

DIARMF represents DoD adoption of the NIST Risk Management Framework process, using security controls currently in practice at civilian federal agencies. The most substantial difference between NIST RMF and DoD enhanced DIARMF lies in the area of security control selection. When contrasting DIARMF to its predecessor DIACAP, the obvious standout is the security controls themselves. Len Marzigliano is an Information Assurance Manager with defense contractor BAM Technologies in Arlington, Virginia and a researcher for InfoSec Institute. It is better to be involved in the process, looking at the system as a whole rather than “just” compiling data.
Monitoring has it place, but there needs to be reactive and proactive procedures in place that combined with the compiled data, a system can look perfect and still be vulnerable. How about less complicated frameworks and policies and better security, or how about we move into what the rest of the security world sees and use offensive security, instead of more layered defenses. What I haven’t seen documented anywhere is how DIARMF or NIST will handle those systems that do not have any continuous monitoring options. InfoSec institute respects your privacy and will never use your personal information for anything other than to notify you of your requested course pricing. In computer security, a vulnerability is a security flaw or weakness that allows an intruder to reduce a system's information assurance. Discover: Inventory all assets across the network and identify host details including operating system and open services to identify vulnerabilities. Report: Measure the level of business risk associated with your assets according to your security policies. The implementation of the ISMS follows the concept of the Plan, Do, Check Act cycle, common in other management systems, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. They help ensure that individual security measures are integrated into a security architecture that focuses on securing key assets and the best allocation of the security budget.
The Microsoft Security Specialist Partner programme is designed to ensure Microsoft customers have access to a range of different security external experts. Identifying and tracking hardware and software assets can also be simplified using automated tools such as System Management Server (SMS).

Microsoft Operating Systems provide several technologies to assist in meeting the physical security requirements of AS7799.
MOF also allows for the introduction of a risk management discipline for operations; something that is fundamental to AS 7799.
If the government wants better security they should hire companies with an interest in security our country not companies interested in staying the embedded choice to justify their salaries and jobs. Security practitioners will be forced to spend more of their time producing reports or managing systems to provide them – taking time and effort away from the actual defense of their networks. The nasty little secret that many haven’t recognized yet is that the new NIST framework is to genericize the approach to cyber security.
We have been training Information Security and IT Professionals since 1998 with a diverse lineup of relevant training courses. A vulnerability requires three elements: a system weakness, an intruder's access to the weakness, and the intruder's ability to exploit the weakness using a tool or technique. In combination, these Standards provide a framework for the management of information and computer system security within an organisation.
This of course leaves us federal subcontractors to somehow implement this crap that our federal handlers expect somehow their outdated defensive security models will protect their networks and data. Now, with DIARMF you talking about an 18 month cycle where controls will need to be reviewed incessantly in order to ensure they meet ever-changing requirements. So Thanks again for the “heads-up” but please cite your source to increase the validity of your article allowing the reader to evaluate the information. This will create an even greater dependence on contracted services and drive up the total cost of system management in already shrinking IT budgets.

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