The California Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) invites you to join us in preserving, protecting, and honoring the cultural, historical, and archaeological resources of California! The OHP is responsible for administering federally and state mandated historic preservation programs to further the identification, evaluation, registration, and protection of California's irreplaceable resources. The mission of the Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) and the State Historical Resources Commission (SHRC) is to provide leadership and promote the preservation of California's irreplaceable and diverse cultural heritage.
Read provisions concerning emergency preparedness: excerpt from the ESRD Conditions for Coverage Interpretive Guidelines.

Notify Renal Network 11 of your facility’s open or closed status following a disaster event. Assist family members and treating facilities in determining the dialysis location of displaced patients in order to exchange critical medical information. In the event of an emergency or disaster, you will want to determine both the "open" or "closed" status of dialysis facilities in the affected area and what services they are providing.

Dialysis facilities (and patients) are usually not included in state and local disaster plans, and must provide for their own survival.

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