Wildfires can occur anywhere and can destroy homes, businesses, infrastructure, natural resources, and agriculture. A wildfire is an unplanned, unwanted fire burning in a natural area, such as a forest, grassland, or prairie. Wildfires can occur at any time throughout the year, but the potential is always higher during periods with little or no rainfall, which make brush, grass, and trees dry and burn more easily. PDFHow to Prepare for a WildfireThis hazard-specific guide provides information on the basics of each hazard, how to protect yourself and your property, and what steps to take now.
PDFWildfire PlaybookTailored to each hazard, these guidebooks are designed to provide community leaders and employers with tools and resources to participate in America’s PrepareAthon! External LinkRead Adam's StoryFor Adam, May 14, 2014 " was just a normal day" as the teenager and his friends carpooled to school the morning of the Poinsettia Fire in Carlsbad, California. PDFBe Smart-Know Your Alerts and WarningsThe factsheet provides a brief summary of the various alerts and warnings available from Federal, state, local governments as well as the private sector that you can sign up for to stay informed and be ready to take action to be safe.
More than 600 fires have burned millions of acres in the state, according to the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center, making this year the worst wildfire season so far in Alaska’s history. Accurate weather forecasts are vital tools to fighting these fires, as are specially trained meteorologists on the ground known as incident meteorologists or IMETs.
Four NOAA IMETS deployed in Alaska are providing lifesaving, up-to-the-minute weather information and timely forecasts to firefighters and the public in range of the immediate fire area. With this critical weather information, incident commanders on the scene can decide where to move and position fire crews, as well as get the latest information about incoming weather patterns that could affect the characteristics of a given fire. Approximately 100,000 wildland fires occur each year in the United States, capable of severe destruction and loss of life. A NOAA incident meteorologist or IMET takes weather observations on the front line of a fire raging in the western United States.
LEARN MORE: For the latest on fire weather in Alaska, see the NOAA National Weather Service Alaska Fire Weather page. Strong winds out of the east and northeast Friday night in portions of New Mexico and southern Colorado pushed smoke from the West Fork, Silver, and Jaroso Fires in new directions, west of the fires. If you want a LOT more information about the smoke and dust in the air, the information below from the National Weather Service is right up your alley.
The Silver Wildfire in NM as an attached dense plume moving due West, but last night’s very dense smoke can be seen along a long range covering S NV, SW AZ and much of Sonora, MX.

Moderately dense smoke can be seen moving E across the Labrador Strait and south of the tip of Greenland over to Iceland. Dense smoke directly under the shortwave ridge affecting northern Yukon and NW Territories (W of Great Bear Lake). The Collector app is being called a game changer by Oklahoma Forestry Services (OFS) as it becomes the first state agency in the nation to utilize it for wildfire initial attack.
Arriving on the scene of a large wildfire incident, firefighters must quickly assess the situation, devise a strategy and develop tactics to convey to the other responders. The OFS observer in the aircraft used Collector on an iPad to draw a needed fire line on the map, which was communicated in near real time on the iPad map held by ground personnel.
Oklahoma Forestry Services, a division of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, is committed to conserving, enhancing and protecting Oklahoma’s 12.5 million acres of forests and woodlands. Webinar, Dec 3 The Business of 3D Laser Scanning I was invited to come and take a look at the industries latest conference for drones. As building development expands into these areas, homes and businesses may be situated in or near areas susceptible to wildfires. Below is a map of the United States and the frequency of wildfires greater or equal to 300 acres in your county since 1994. It is entitled “Wildfire Activity by County 1994-2013”It includes data from the USGS Federal Fire Occurrence Database, including U.S. The guides provide suggestions on conducting a day of action by holding a preparedness discussion and simple drill.
This area can be seen only in Goes-West early this morning at high sun angles; it is seen from S Alberta and S Saskatchewan over Central ND, NE SD, SW MN, IA, N IL, S WI into N IN and over Lake Michigan into the LP of MI. The smoke extends about 1 degree north and south of this line and is moving ESE on the eastern side while remaining relatively stationary on near Lake Athabasca. Moderately dense smoke covers extends much further east almost to the far NW Nunavut boundary and Southern Victoria Island.
After growing up in the south, he migrated to southern California where he lived for 20 years, working as a wildland firefighter. This new, cutting-edge app enhances fire situational awareness by pulling all of the information and tools needed to fight wildfires into one program.

Collector facilitates the process, allowing for accurate and timely analysis including fire perimeter, vital incident information and incident progress for all responders to receive real-time on their mobile devices. The agency has successfully utilized the Collector app on numerous wildland fires in the past year, introducing the app to firefighters, Oklahoma Highway Patrol pilots and other fire professionals in the process. Since 1925, Oklahoma Forestry Services has worked with individuals and communities throughout the state to create resilient landscapes, fire-adaptive communities and provide wildfire response.
Wildfires can start from natural causes, such as lightning, but most are caused by humans, either accidentally—from cigarettes, campfires, or outdoor burning—or intentionally.
These guides also present step-by-step instructions on conducting a tabletop exercise designed to help organizations test their plans, policies, and procedures for a disaster. Later he took his affinity for firefighting to Indiana and eventually the Black Hills of South Dakota where he was the Fire Management Officer for a group of seven national parks. Collector, developed by Esri, a company which specializes in information management, provides critical information quickly, resulting in faster fire suppression, and increased safety for the public and firefighters. By utilizing the Collector app, it is estimated that in this instance firefighters began firefighting at least an hour sooner than without the technology.
It is in the initial stages of rolling it out to county wildland task forces and fire departments across the state. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, the division also has regional offices in Goldsby, Broken Bow, Wilburton and Tahlequah.
This document also includes fillable wallet-sized cards—simply type in your information for your family and other important contacts and then print them. On the other side of the ridge two streams of moderate smoke from AK fires feed the large area described above, one arm from the Beaver Log Lakes, Moving River, Dead Fish Lake Complexes along the northern slopes of the Alaskan Range… the other arm a bit further N and W from the Shaktoolike River Fires. The second highest frequency of wildfires (21-100) occurred in the same Western states, but more evenly distributed, with the addition of most of Wyoming and a few counties within North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Hawaii.

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