This pattern suggests that magma is only produced in certain places, particularly at the edges of the slowly-moving Tectonic Plates that form the outer layer (lithosphere) of our planet.
There are many volcanoes that have been dormant for a lot longer than that and yet they could be some of the most dangerous if they were ever to explode. The Kilauea Volcano is the youngest volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island. The entire area of the volcano is 552 square meters.
The Mauna Loa Volcano is not only a big size; it is also one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The name of the Mount Rainier Volcano was given by George Vancouver and it was in honor of Admiral Peter Rainier.
If the Yellowstone Volcano were to erupt today the consequences could be even greater than the Sumatra supervolcano which killed close to 60% of the population. When studying the volcanoes in the world it is important to understand what the classification of volcanoes is and how it works.
A volcano will be classified as an active volcano if at the present time it is expected to erupt or is erupting already. The classification of volcanoes which is called dormant would be a volcano that is not erupting or predicted to erupt in the near future.
Mauna Kea is a volcano which is located on Big Island and its last eruption took place 3,500-4,000 years ago. Classification of volcanoes can also be done because of the type of composition and structure of the volcano. There are two types of classification of volcanoes based on eruption and these are central or explosive and fissure or quiet. There are several places in the world which can demonstrate the classification of volcanoes but most active volcanoes will be found in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Classification of volcanoes that are dormant will include a lot of the volcanoes still found in the Ring of Fire and other places nearby. Finally when you are looking at extinct volcanoes you can look at the ones in the Eiffel district in West Germany as well as several volcanoes in USA.

Many more active volcanoes are known to exist on the sea floor, shown here as paler areas in the oceans.
Helens is found in Skamania County in Washington State and is one of the active stratovolcanoes of the world.
There are several factors that go into account when attempting to classify a volcano into a group and that includes things like recent activity, periodicity of eruptions, size, potential impact and others. One of the best examples of this classification of volcanoes would be Kilauea which has been erupting since 1983.
There are, however, volcanoes not located in the Pacific which are active; some of them include Etna and Vesuvius, Mount Pinatubo and Stromboli. There are two volcanoes in Northern Ireland which are also extinct volcanoes and those are Skye and Mull. What makes that volcano dormant is that currently there is no prediction as to when that eruption could take place. These volcanoes are mountains that have been shaped by the flows and can cover larger areas. These types of eruption are very violent and rapid; more often they will spew volcanic material, lava and ash onto a large area.
More often than not the classification of volcanoes refers to the life cycle and that could define them as active, extinct or dormant. Sometimes the difference between a dormant volcano and an active volcano can be pretty small.
A dormant volcano could be very dangerous because people in the surrounding areas are usually not prepared and complacent leaving close to the mountain.
Before a dormant volcano is about to erupt it is usually proceeded by small tremors and earthquakes.
However, a volcano can also be classified by the composition of the structure and that would mean that it can be a shield, conical or stratovolcano.
That is because even though a volcano can be dormant for hundreds of years it is still expected to have an eruption in the future.

Keep in mind that this classification of volcanoes that are extinct is not necessarily definitive as some have gone through what is called rejuvenation.
These volcanoes have erupted from one single vent and a bowl shaped crater will be found in the summit. Finally they can also be classified because of its eruption which could be quiet or explosive. These are tall mountains that have steep sides and which have alternated magma and layers of rock.
Vesuvius is the only volcano to have erupted on the European mainland within the last hundred years, and is probably most famous for its massive eruption in 79 AD, when it buried the cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii. Popocatepetl, MexicoPopocatepetl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Popocatepetl is a large, glacier covered peak that lies around 35 miles from Mexico City. Galeras, ColumbiaGaleras (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Located in Southern Columbia near the border with Ecuador, Galeras has been active for at least 1 million years. Merapi means Mountain of Fire, an apt name for the most active volcano in Indonesia, and a mountain that has produced more lava flow than any volcano in the world. Merapi’s infamous lava flows usually travel around 3-4 miles from the peak, though some eruptions cause lava to flow as far as 8 miles. Taal Volcano, PhilippinesTaal Volcano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The Taal Volcano is a cinder cone volcano. September 5, 2015 at 9:18 pmYes, Toba is potentially mor dangerous than Yellowstone, but then primarily in terms of how much death and destruction can be caused by a major supervolcano eruption. Due to its collapse, the magma chamber is now smaller in capacity, so that the volcano has frequent small eruptions. It is about 50 km from the nearest inhabited land (Java or Sumatra), so a small eruption cannot strongly affect inhabited land, and there are no more very large eruptions.Moreover, the thousands of fatalities in 1883 were, for most of them, caused by the catastrophic tsunami.

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