This pattern suggests that magma is only produced in certain places, particularly at the edges of the slowly-moving Tectonic Plates that form the outer layer (lithosphere) of our planet.
Many more active volcanoes are known to exist on the sea floor, shown here as paler areas in the oceans. Ash coverage would force the world into an ice age, destroying all greenery due to no necessary sun for its growth, so human life would perish or diminish due to lack of greenery, which are the lungs of the planet and gaseous exchange and normalicy of growth = extinction of the human race.
Vesuvius is the only volcano to have erupted on the European mainland within the last hundred years, and is probably most famous for its massive eruption in 79 AD, when it buried the cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii. Popocatepetl, MexicoPopocatepetl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Popocatepetl is a large, glacier covered peak that lies around 35 miles from Mexico City.

Galeras, ColumbiaGaleras (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Located in Southern Columbia near the border with Ecuador, Galeras has been active for at least 1 million years. Merapi means Mountain of Fire, an apt name for the most active volcano in Indonesia, and a mountain that has produced more lava flow than any volcano in the world. Merapi’s infamous lava flows usually travel around 3-4 miles from the peak, though some eruptions cause lava to flow as far as 8 miles.
Taal Volcano, PhilippinesTaal Volcano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The Taal Volcano is a cinder cone volcano. September 5, 2015 at 9:18 pmYes, Toba is potentially mor dangerous than Yellowstone, but then primarily in terms of how much death and destruction can be caused by a major supervolcano eruption.

Due to its collapse, the magma chamber is now smaller in capacity, so that the volcano has frequent small eruptions. It is about 50 km from the nearest inhabited land (Java or Sumatra), so a small eruption cannot strongly affect inhabited land, and there are no more very large eruptions.Moreover, the thousands of fatalities in 1883 were, for most of them, caused by the catastrophic tsunami.

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