Once the Tsunami starts, waves begin to move outward in all directors like we have the whirlpool ripples that are created when one throws a stone in the pool. Let us look into how we can stay safe during a Tsunami in this article besides covering other important information. Keep a NOAA weather report with you to keep yourself and your family informed about the local weather and other critical events.
Rope Rescue PracticeWe work hard at keeping up on all our skills, with rope rescue being only one of the many areas fire fighter must be proficient in. Members of the depatment had some fun playing fire soccer with the summer program at Galiano school.
Extrication Rescue PracticeAfter taking a car apart with extrication tools, you need to get in and rescue any occupants trapped inside.Here a fire fighter immobilizes the patient's head while others ready the spine board to remove the patient from the car.
Although Fire Fighters have large trucks and hoses to put out fire, we also practice with hand held extinguishers.
Fire Fighter Chris Terpenning practices with a wajax pump, used mainly with fires in the forest or other remote locations.

Our much loved old engine got a second life when it was shipped to Peru by Firefighters Without Borders Canada.
The best way to notice a Tsunami wave is that they come ashore ferociously in the form of turbulent waves of water mixed with debris.
It is less powerful than the utterly devastating 9.1 magnitude Earthquake in Sumatra in 2004 (Indian Ocean Tsunami), which killed more than 3, 00,000 people. We were assisted in this matter by Justin Stephenson who has been involved in various capacities with the Victoria Foundation for many years.
After 38 years with the Burnaby Fire Department and 20 years with the SGVFD, Roy Davies is retiring again.
Tsunami Advisory: This means an earthquake has occurred, which might manifest into a Tsunami. Also, if you are living in coastal homes, go for elevated coastal homes; usually Tsunami waves are less than 10 feet. If you are thinking that your homeowners insurance or renters insurance can cover earthquakes and Tsunami, please think again.

Also if your water heater is on higher floors, you will be thankful to access to fresh water after the floor or Tsunami. They have just completed their emergency driving course so you may see them at the wheel with lights and sirens going on the way to a call out! A strong earthquake that lasts for 20 seconds or more near the coastal area can spell a Tsunami risk. Devastating as this is and though we can do nothing but reconcile to the fact that man is helpless against the havoc of nature, we can still manage and use our intelligence to protect ourselves from Tsunami.

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